Dr. Rabea Dahlan

Dr. Dahlan is an iQ Council Overseer. He is a reputed Meccan with a long distinguished career in civil service and government. He is most recognized for his long service to the Emirate of Mecca (Holly City Province) as Lieutenant Governor to its Emir, HRH the late Prince Majid bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, for over a decade, during which he spearheaded numerous projects to aid development and improve organisational systems relating to security, human rights and serving pilgrims.

He is a recognised expert in Public Administration, development and organisation theory as well as human development. He began his tenure in academia as a Professor of Public Administration at King Abdul Aziz University. He then transitioned to public service, as a technocrat, having served as Under Secretary of Communication for the Western Region, representing 2/3 of Saudi Arabia’s area and population. His professional career has also included serving as Senior Vice President of Saudi Telecom/Bell Canada.

Dr. Dahlan sits on and is affiliated with numerous professional bodies including the Hajj Central Committee, Mecca; the Canadian Institute of Public Administration, Toronto; the British Managers Institute, London; the American Organisation for Public Administration, Washington DC; the Arab Association for Business Administration, Cairo; the Privatisation Council, New York; the British Management Society, London; and the Institute of Administrative and Management Studies, Kent.

Dr Dahlan obtained his BA in Public Administration from King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah and received a Master in Public Administration (MPA) from Pepperdine University after obtaining a Higher Diploma in Economics and Administration from the Economic Institute-Colorado University. He received his PhD in Administration and Organisational Theory from Cairo University. Dr. Dahlan’s thesis was authoritative in that it was the first in the Arab world to deal with the policy issue of ‘Privatization’ focusing on the public utility sector.

He was awarded the recognition of the League of Arab Nations and the Royal Shield of Honor for Academic National Leadership. He was also awarded an Honorary Degree from Pepperdine University for his life distinction in service, purpose and leadership.