Institution Quraysh for Law & Policy (iQ) is an independent global law and public policy research and services organisation.

Our organisation was established in 2005 by special charter, with its status in the UK, and an international track record of proactively promoting a global commitment to the Rule of Law.

More vividly, Quraysh is a powerful idea about institutional imagination, amalgamation and reform. The organisation benefits from an established international reputation and a legacy of targeted law and policy service provision. It provides a unique “opening” tailored to each project, each institution and each situation. We pride ourselves on pursuing absolute precision and delivering on projects whilst still maintaining our traditional values in-keeping with integrity, commitment and resilience.

Since its inception, iQ has developed a sound reputation for its commitment to the Rule of Law and its dedicated and distinct legal and policy impact. The organisation offers unparalleled regional expertise in law, political economy, policy, regulation, culture and economics with a dedicated focus on dispute resolution.

An uncompromising emphasis on prudence and the highest standard of ethics permeates all aspects of iQ’s drive– where there is a bar by which to be judged, iQ will always seek to hold itself to an even higher standard.

Combining Quraysh’s core expertise with our Council of world renowned “wise” figures, we are able to incubate and disseminate key information through a comprehensive international communication network, strategically connecting minds, institutions, and ideas. This plethora of global expertise allows us to not only deliver expert, reliable and tailored information, but also to continue fostering harmonious and trusting global relationships. We take pride in what we believe and what we do; we think of it as the Quraysh Commitment.