The Research Handbook on Energy Law and Ethics »
Edward Elgar Publishing. Edited by Malik R. Dahlan, Rosa M. Lastra and Gustavo Rochette

The Scotia Group Report »
Published by Institution Quraysh for Law and Policy, 2021

The Hijaz: The First Islamic State »
Oxford Scholar Online, University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO), Jan. 2019

Hamza Shehata: Manliness »
Jubilee House Press; 1st edition, 1 Jun. 2016
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Applications of Islamic Law Objectives on Legitimate Public Policy
Al-Azhar (2015)


Encyclopaedia of Islam – Hijaz since 1500
Brill (Forthcoming)

The Hijaz and International Law »
Oxford Bibliographies in International Law. Ed. EIC Name. New York: Oxford University Press, 21 April 2021

A Modern Marshall Plan for the Middle East »
Cambridge Middle East and North Africa Forum Project Report, November 2020

Malik R. Dahlan,Review of The House of Sciences: The First Modern University in the Muslim World (Darülfünun) »
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Malik R. Dahlan, Envisioning Foundations for the Law of the Belt and Road Initiative: Rule of Law and Dispute Resolution Challenges »
Harvard International Law Journal Essay – Volume 62/2020

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On finding the ethical in the age of digital battle spaces »
NATO Defense Strategic Communications, Volume 6, 245- 57, Spring 2019
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Malik R. Dahlan, Dispute Regulation in the Institutional Development of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Establishing the Normative Legal Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative »
Brill | Nijhoff, AIIB Yearbook of International Law, Volume: 2, 121-144, 2019
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Malik. R. Dahlan & Wolf Von Kumberg, Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reconceptionalized: Regulation of Disputes, Standards and Mediation »
Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal, Volume: 18, Issue: 3, 467-496, 2018
Available to view here

Malik R. Dahlan, Dimensions of the New Belt & Road International Order: An Analysis of the Emerging Legal Norms and a Conceptionalisation of the Regulation of Disputes »
Beijing Law Review, Volume: 9, 87-112, 2018
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A thistle for a final Majlis »
by Malik Dahlan | Oct 18, 2021
A letter from the founder of Scotia Group
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A Saudi’s Advice for Kushner: How Your Peace Plan Can Still Avoid Catastrophic Failure »
by Malik Dahlan | Jul 3, 2019
If President Trump’s advisor wants to keep his Mideast plan alive, he’s got to harness popular Arab and Islamic support. That means changing course, away from economics – and dealing with Jerusalem first.
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Forum shopping and artifice in fraud proceedings »
by Malik Dahlan | Mar 6, 2019
For some time there has been a growing alarm within UK legal circles over the vulnerability of English courts to be misused by overseas claimants who have political scores to settle.
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JASTA will undermine rule of law, international battle against terrorism »
by Malik Dahlan | Sep 27, 2016
As a Saudi international lawyer with a strong attachment to the United States and its values, I’d like to draw attention to the unintended consequences that the Justice for Sponsors of Terrorism Act will incur on the U.S. and Saudi fight against terrorism and the threat it poses to shared core principles of the Rule of Law.
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The West should not write off the Middle East »
by Malik Dahlan | Sep 13, 2016
The UK’s Foreign Policy is set to come under the post-Brexit spotlight tomorrow with a debate at Policy Exchange called ‘East or West: where does the future of UK foreign policy lie?’
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The New Saudi Arabian Kingdom and Dreams of the Magna Carta »
by Malik Dahlan | Feb 3, 2015
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia died last Friday at the age of 90 and was succeeded by King Salman bin Abdulaziz, 79, and Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, 69. His last political act — facilitating a truce between Egypt and Qatar, where the latter accepted the rule of the Sisi military regime — put the final nail in the coffin of the turbulent Arab Spring.
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