The Stanley Hoffman-Louise Richardson Prize

Launched in May 2021, the Scotia Group has worked with young people from around the globe who competed for a new award which sought innovative policy proposals from those under the age of 35 on what laws, projects, or technologies could be employed to both strengthen the rule of law and achieve net-zero by 2050.

The Stanley Hoffman-Louise Richardson Prize


Targets, Implementation and Institutions

Proposal on National Implementation of Paris through Increased Disclosure and Strengthened Courts. Reflecting two complementary policies to establish a system of recourse and accountability, to be signed-up to by members of the High Ambition Coalition (HAC) at COP26: (1) first, a reform of accountability, reporting and transparency; and (2) second, standing reform for improved access to courts.

Fellows: Kate Cullen, Ngoc Anh Khoa Doan, María Lemos González, Tara Theiss, Kate M. Wilcox

Managing the energy transition

How the UAE Can Lead a Reimagination of the Gulf States for the 21st Century by Becoming the Energy Capital of the World. This memo outlines a plan to place the UAE as a regional – and ultimately, global – leader and winner in this transition, driving an effort to reposition the Gulf from the oil and gas capital of the world to the energy capital.

Fellows: Arthur Azerêdo Alencar Feitosa, Anjali Balakrishna, Montague Jones, Carl Stenberg, Alexandra Weiler, Maxence Fontaine

Climate Justice and Stakeholder Intervention

Policy Recommendations for Accelerating progress in negotiations on loss and damage at COP26 and COP27. This policy memorandum sets out to advise on the topic of Loss and Damage (L&D) and recommends steps to ensure successful negotiations at the upcoming summits.

Fellows: Jessica Omukuti, Samuel Ngoga, Léa Weimann

Joint coal phase out towards a Green Hydrogen future

This proposal was on Japan and Australia: A Joint Coal Phase-Out Towards A Green Hydrogen Future. Recommending that Japan must view the issue of implementing a coal phase-out through the lens of international trade, and engage with Australia to transform their existing coal partnership into one based upon green hydrogen. The coal industry is dying, the green revolution is reshaping the global economy causing a seismic shift towards sustainable energy sources.

Fellows: Edmund Crawley, Jessica Crow, Nick Kuespert, Margaret Vatter

The Winner

The results were close but in the end, Cluster 3B’s proposal to create a green hydrogen partnership between Japan and Australia won. The prize included a scholarship for an online course run by either Harvard or Oxford university to develop the team members’ careers in policy development and climate action.

More details of the Prize and proposals can be found in Scotia Dialogue 6