The Scotia Group Forum

The Scotia Group Forum was held virtually at COP26 on 11 November 2021 and included several high-profile speakers including Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein of Jordan, Sir Anton Muscatelli, the Principal of the University of Glasgow, Carlos Salinas, the former President of Mexico, Professor Niall Ferguson, the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University and Neil McIntosh, the Editor of The Scotsman newspaper. Six plenary sessions explored a range of themes connected to the work of the Scotia Group and a Moment of Mindfulness was observed at 11:11 (UN time, EST) by those around the world who joined the Forum

The Scotia Group Forum

11 November 2011

Scotia Forum Programme

Patron: Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein of Jordan
Forum Moderator: Mr Todd Benjamin

14:00 – 14:05
Welcome remarks by Mr Alan Cumming OBE, Scotia Group member and Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh


14:05 – 14:10
Introduction to Scotia process and the Climate Challenge by Mr Alex Just, Secretary to the Quraysh Overseers


14:10 – 14:20
Plenary 1: The Scotia Process and the Road to Glasgow

Opening remarks
Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principal, University of Glasgow

Mr Neil McIntosh, Editor, The Scotsman

Sir David Edward, Professor Emeritus, University of Edinburgh; former Judge of the European Court of Justice


14:20 – 14:35
The Scotia Communiqué
Drafted by the Scotia Fellows and read by Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein of Jordan

Read the Scotia Group Communique 11.11.21 here


14:35 – 15:00
Plenary 2: Intergenerational Dialogue – Scotia Fellows

Ms Kate Cullen, Scotia Fellow and Finalist of the Inaugural Stanley Hoffmann-Louise Richardson prize; PhD in Energy & Resources, University of California, Berkeley
Ms Clea Schumer, Research Analyst, World Resources Institute
Ms Hattie Watson, former Membership Coordinator, Scotia Group; Intern, International Bar Association
Ms Leá Weimann, Climate Activist & Student, LLM Global Environment and Climate Change Law Candidate University of Edinburgh, University of St Andrews Alum 2021


14:40 – 15:00  Break



15:00 – 15:30
Plenary 3: The Climate Emergency – The Frontline Role of Institutions of Public Trust

Professor Lawrence S. Bacow, 29th President, Harvard University
Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principal, University of Glasgow
Professor Marc Weller, Chair of International Law and International Constitutional Studies, University of Cambridge


15:30 – 15:50  Break



15:50 – 16:10
Plenary 4: What is the Climate Challenge?  A Conversation with the Scotia Inception Commission

The Conception of Scotia, The Pandemic and the Climate Challenge, Failure in Science or Failure in Process, International Diplomatic Crises and T-9 Years, the Scotia Process (7 themes), the Individual and Communities.

Mr Howard Covington, Chair, Scotia Group Inception Commission, Chair of the Board of Trustees, The Alan Turing Institute; Chair of the Board of Trustees, ClientEarth
Dr Simona Marinescu, UN Coordinator, Samoa
Dean Adil Najam, Dean, Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University
Dr Andy Kerr, Director, UK and Ireland, EIT Climate-KIC



A Moment of Mindfulness

War, pandemic, acts of brutality. We all come together in silence to remember them and to collectively will them never to happen again.

On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour on the 11th minute (UN time, EST), we will once again remember with love, respect, and admiration those who in the past gave their lives for freedom, we ask that the world also takes a moment of silence for the future. A moment of silence not of memory but of action. A moment of silence where every one of us asks ourselves what we can do to make sure there are no remembrance silences for those who will inevitably suffer and die if the world continues to overheat. A moment of silence for those who lead us to come together to force the world through legislation, education, and advocacy to ensure a future for not just the next generation but all generations to come.

The Scotia Group calls on everyone to take a moment at 16:11 GMT and commit to do whatever is necessary to achieve a very simple goal – a cooler world.



16:12 – 16:30
Plenary 5: Acting on the Global Diplomatic Emergency – An agenda for the next decade

Lord Howell of Guildford, Chairman of Crystol Energy’s Advisory Board; first Secretary of State for Energy for the UK government and former President of the UK Energy Industries Council
Ambassador Charles Ries, former US State department official; Senior Fellow, RAND Corporation
Dr Urban Rusnák, Secretary General, The Energy Charter Secretariat
Minister Upendra Tripathy, Founding Director General, International Solar Alliance


16:30 – 17:00 
Networking session hosted by Scotia Partner Institutions

Room 1: From Process to Climate Action:  Transatlantic Leadership Network, Ambassador John Craig
Room 2: Communities and Nations: University of St Andrews, Professor John Hudson
Room 3: Leading an Energy Transition: Queen Mary, University of London, Professor James Dallas
Room 4: Planetary Justice and Accountability: International Bar Association, Ms Sara Carnegie
Room 5: Intergenerational Equity: Harvard University, Ms Aleksandra Conevska


17:00 – 17:20
Plenary 6:  Where is the Green Money? A Glasgow Commitment needs Finance and Investment

Professor Niall Ferguson, Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University; senior faculty fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University; Managing Director, Greenmantle LLC
 Dr Simona Marinescu, UN Resident Coordinator for Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau
 Ms Katherine Meighan, General Counsel, International Fund for Agricultural Development


Vote of thanks and concluding remarks on the next 9 years

Dr Mark Ellis, Executive Director, International Bar Association