Book Launch 2018
The Hijaz, The First Islamic State

The Oxford Union
Frewin Court Oxford OX1 3JB

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Author: Malik R. Dahlan

Available from Hurst Publishers
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and Oxford University Press (Global non-UK)


‘The current seismic changes occurring in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi, make this the ideal time for the publication of this book. Dahlan masterfully and impartially examines statehood against the history of The Hijaz.’
The Rt. Hon. Lord Woolf of Barnes Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales (2000–5)

‘An important, incisive and original book that weaves historical, legal and political analysis of the much neglected Hijaz with an optimistic and well-argued appeal for a new way forward in the Middle East. Based on extensive archival research, and influenced by both Western and Islamic thought, The Hijaz causes us to re-examine what it is to be a nation state.’
Louise Richardson, Vice Chancellor, University of Oxford, and author of What Terrorists Want: Understanding the Enemy, Containing the Threat

‘Before there was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there was The Hijaz. Sykes-Picot did not just draw lines on formless sands. As the ‘modern Middle East’ endures more than usual internal and external stresses that threaten to dissolve familiar boundaries, this unique, timely and invaluable historical and legal study by Malik Dahlan looks into the past to offer clues and inspiration for the future. It is a must read for anyone interested in this troubled region whose future will affect us all.’
Ambassador Bilahari Kausikan, Chairman of the Middle East Institute of the National University of Singapore and Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore