As a result of the controversial questions surrounding the future of global trade, including trade fragmentation, trade wars and UK membership in the European Union, which has given rise to intense international law and governance debates in a number of fora, iQ has partnered with several organizations to set up an independent forum for academics and practitioners to debate and define the positive role of international trade relations (iQtrade) through the creation of the Council on Trade and Diplomacy.

iQtrade aims to provide a comprehensive and ongoing understanding of trade and diplomacy in international governance, law and policy, practices and foreign relations. A framework of international, national and sub-national law governs state relations in trade and investment and is a fundamental factor in determining whether, when and how states and economies can benefit from those relationships, capital flows and supply chains.

iQtrade aims to convene specialized fora and carry out educational, research and training programs through harnessing expertise in the academe and partnerships worldwide.

World Trade Conference Series: Through new partnerships, iQtrade will explore broader emerging ideas and the most recent developments, at a critical time for international trade.

Global Affairs and Governance Forum: focuses on international law academics, practitioners, and graduate students. It is also meant to give authors and researchers opportunities to share their research and latest publications.

The Podium: This convening is meant to offer international leaders in their field, a podium to address a specific issue in global governance, such as trade, EU, climate change and so on. Another format would offer a fireside conversation.