In Arab and Muslim collective memory, Quraysh is in a league of its own. Quraysh is the clan of the Prophet Muhammad
(570-632 CE) and many of his close companions — the nucleus of today’s Muslim world. But even before Islam, Quraysh
can boast a history of leaders and communities of conspicuously noble character.

Throughout its history, Quryash came to stand for three honorable human impulses: the impulse for unity, the impulse
for justice, and the impulse for connecting with others through the exchange of material and cultural products.
In the Quraysh experience, the three elements (unity, justice, communication) constituted a comprehensive worldview.
First, the need to exchange material and cultural goods through trade and religious festivals demanded efficient
communication and equitable legal conventions. Second, efficient communication and fair laws were the
foundation for an interdependent and united world.