iQBriefs is a new platform aimed at hosting succinct, thoughtful pieces of analysis and commentary on current affairs, for publication on a rolling basis. We hope to bundle submissions, publishing them on our international mailing list on a quarterly basis.

While we are particularly interested in pieces pertaining to public policy and global governance, we welcome any provocative, creative contribution commenting on a matter arising, written for an informed audience. Pieces should fall into one of the following five areas:

•   LegalBriefs – focused on shifts in international law and global governance more broadly.
•   EconBriefs – that consider the durability and evolution of global economic institutions.
•   SocialBriefs – addressing instances, and the sources of social unrest and political polarization.
•   WorldBriefs – covering all facets of the changing world order.
•   Eco-Briefs – bringing attention to the consequences of climate change and resource scarcity.

Pieces should take an analytic approach to a chosen issue, with the analysis ideally culminating in a set of policy recommendations.

Submissions should be:
•   Size 11
•   Double-spaced
•   In Calibri
•   Prefaced by a suggested title, a brief author biography and a summary of up to 100 words.
•   No less than 700 words and no more than 1500 words, not including citations.

Please email drafts to Jay.Mens@iPlatform.Global with the subject line “iQBriefs Submission” and the editor will endeavour to give you a response within a week.