18 October 2021

12 November 2020

Review of The House of Sciences: The First Modern University in the Muslim World (Darulfunun)

Book authored by Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, hardcover, published: 18 July 2019 by Oxford University Press, 312 Pages, ISBN: 9780190051556

By Malik R Dahlan

17 June 2020

The Harvard 2019 ISDS Mediation Colloquium Report

Quraysh has supported the 2019 ISDS Mediation Colloquium at Harvard University last December, convened by Wolf von Kumberg, IDR Managing Director. The Colloquium resulted in the establishment of an implementation ISDS Mediation Working Group (MWG-ISDS) which released its first report titled. Unlocking Value Through Stakeholder Engagement: New Forms to Resolve Investor- State Disputes.

16 June 2020

Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reconceptionalized: Regulation of Disputes, Standards and Mediation
Malik. R. Dahlan & Wolf Von Kumberg. Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal, Volume: 18, Issue: 3, 467-496, 2018

Concept Paper: The Time for Investor State Mediation has Come

In 2017 Malik Dahlan and Wolf Von Kumberg wrote an article on the need for investor state mediation, in light of the criticism that the investor state dispute system (ISDS) faced from many quarters.

1 June 2020

The Living Quraysh

In Arab and Muslim collective memory, Quraysh is in a league of its own. Quraysh is the clan of the Prophet Muhammad (570-632 CE) and many of his close companions — the nucleus of today’s Muslim world. But even before Islam, Quraysh can boast a history of leaders and communities of conspicuously noble character.

29 May 2019

Malik R. Dahlan, Dispute Regulation in the Institutional Development of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Establishing the Normative Legal Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative
Brill | Nijhoff, AIIB Yearbook of International Law, Volume: 2, 121-144

Since its promulgation by President Xi Jinping in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative (bri) has attracted attention both in China and abroad. As it stands, the bri is an economic proposal whose implementation requires cultural integration and legal protection of participating countries (Participating States).

Spring 2019

On finding the ethical in the age of digital battle spaces
NATO Defense Strategic Communications, Volume 6, 245- 57

The familiar distinction between hard and soft power, which seemed a useful way to simplify the multidimensional dynamics of interstate influence in the century gone by, seems hopelessly insufficient to describe what is happening in the one we are in now.

6 March 2019

Forum shopping and artifice in fraud proceedings

A comprehensive disclosure regime and the chance to seek interim relief through Worldwide Freezing Orders are just two of the features which make the UK a desirable jurisdiction to litigants worldwide. But this does not mean an invitation to exploit the UK courts. They must not be monopolised by claimants to destroy their political and business rivals.

January 2019

The Hijaz: The First Islamic State
Oxford Scholar Online, University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO)

The current seismic changes occurring in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi, make this the ideal time for the publication of this book. Dahlan masterfully and impartially examines statehood against the history of The Hijaz.

15 May 2018

Malik. R. Dahlan & Wolf Von Kumberg, Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reconceptionalized: Regulation of Disputes, Standards and Mediation
Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal, Volume: 18, Issue: 3, 467-496

This paper argues that the current criticisms of Investor-State Dispute Settlement („ISDS“) are ill-informed and attempts at reforming the system are misguided. The definition of ISDS itself has been, for a long time, limited to investment quasi-judicial bodies or at best arbitration.

30 March 2018

Dimensions of the New Belt & Road International Order: An Analysis of the Emerging Legal Norms and a Conceptionalisation of the Regulation of Disputes
Beijing Law Review, Volume: 9, 87-112, 2018

China’s “Belt & Road” initiative (“BRI”) has the potential to redefine international trade governance and the laws that establish its order. As a result, new international legal norms are emerging that are characteristically “Eastern”. With a new international trade and investment order will come disputes over its interpretation. However, current dispute resolution mechanisms, including Investor State Dispute Settlement (“ISDS”), may not be efficient in resolving disagreements between the BRI’s participating states, or investors therein.


15 January 2018

Centre for Global Constitutionalism
Working Paper No. 3

The Hijaz in Perspective: Islamic Statehood and the Origins of Arab Self-Determination (1916-2016)


27 September 2016

JASTA will undermine rule of law, international battle against terrorism

As a Saudi international lawyer with a strong attachment to the United States and its values, I’d like to draw attention to the unintended consequences that the Justice for Sponsors of Terrorism Act will incur on the U.S. and Saudi fight against terrorism and the threat it poses to shared core principles of the Rule of Law.

13 September 2016

The West should not write off the Middle East

The Arab world holds the key to global stability. The UK’s Foreign Policy is set to come under the post-Brexit spotlight tomorrow with a debate at Policy Exchange called ‘East or West: where does the future of UK foreign policy lie?’

1 June 2016

Hamza Shehata: Manliness
Jubilee House Press; 1st edition

In 1940, Hamza Shehata gave a lecture at the Makkah Charitable Aid Association which, over four hours and reputedly utilising 121 handwritten notes, covered a staggering amount of social and cultural observances and critique on many facets of contemporary life presented, in equal parts, within a scientific and philosophical framework to convince his audience that conventional views of virtue and vice were a deceptive simplification and social and religious reform was necessary.

13 February 2015

The New Saudi Arabian Kingdom and Dreams of the Magna Carta

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia died last Friday at the age of 90 and was succeeded by King Salman bin Abdulaziz, 79, and Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, 69. His last political act — facilitating a truce between Egypt and Qatar, where the latter accepted the rule of the Sisi military regime — put the final nail in the coffin of the turbulent Arab Spring. Two transitions were long awaited in the Kingdom: one subsequently occurred and the other is yet to materialize.

3 June 2008

Quraysh Ethos
Adapted from The Living Quraysh, Int. Qst. J (2008) by Professor Ahmad Ahmad, University of California, Santa Barbara

As its name reflects, Institution Quraysh is grounded firmly in tradition, with guiding principles derived from the legacy of the ancient Quraysh tribe of Arabia. Throughout their history, the Quraysh were guided by the concepts of unity, justice, and collective action. We seek to emulate these principles through our work, bridging differences, and connecting people in Arabia.