29 November 2018

29 May 2012


Prof David Mednicoff, Senior Academic Fellow, @mednic⁩ writes: Israeli-UAE Normalization – A Loss for Public International Law in the Middle East | iQ Brief https://quraysh.com/israeli-uae-normalization-a-loss-for-public-international-law-in-the-middle-east/

We're excited to welcome @malikdahlan, Principal of @i_Quraysh, to our Council of Advisors, which supports our mission to help improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. http://ow.ly/QbkS50Bqdup

Congratulations to iQ Associate Fellow @m_khedewi for being awarded a PhD in Politics and IR from @aberdeenuni his thesis was tiled “@AlAzhar in Post-Revolutionary Egypt: Endorsing Democracy and Reclaiming Power”

Listen to HE Sheikh Ali Al-Khalifa Al-Sabah, Kuwait Minister of Oil (1980-90), on our #Global_Commitments_To_The_Rule_Of_Law series addressing students and young people about anti-corruption, respect for the judiciary and the future of oil. https://vimeo.com/439326076

عندما افكر في سيادة القانون في عالمنا اليوم يتجلى الى الذهن صاحب الوقار اللورد وولف رئيس القضاء البريطاني السابق والذي اعتز اني تعلمت منه قيادة الاصلاح الدستوري والموازنات العدلية وعملت معه في دول عدة، اليكم مقابلته معنا ⁦@MontfortComCom⁩ https://vimeo.com/434399461

Delighted to launch ⁦’Global Commitments to the Rule of Law’ with Lord Woolf of Barnes.

⁦@alexdjust⁩ and I had the privilege of addressing the the Rule of Law and discussing its future as a UK export with one of this country’s greatest jurists. https://vimeo.com/434399461

#Global_Commitments_to_the_Rule_of_Law series Launch with Prof ⁦@malikdahlan⁩ interviewing Lord Woolf of Barnes. Hear him share tales of an encounter with Russia’s Putin, and his wisdom on global political tensions and why we should remain optimistic https://vimeo.com/434402032

Prof Dr Malik Dahlan @malikdahlan of @i_Quraysh argues in favour of pluralistic systems to facilitate #regulation around the world as #tech grows rapidly #ReimaginingtheLaw https://buff.ly/2YLEXqy

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