The GGI hosted the launch of the iPlatform for Global Change in November 2013.

The iPlatform for Global Change is an independent, not for profit, platform, connecting diverse generations of leaders and scholars and providing opportunities for young people, academics, and other thinkers, across universities, organisations and institutions around the world, to develop global thought leadership and cutting edge research and practical solutions to law and policy challenges.

We were joined by a number of distinguished speakers and guests including the Rt Hon the Lord Woolf of Barnes (Former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales) will be the lead speaker; Professor David Mednicoff (iPlatform and UMASS-Amherst), Professor Sir Jeffrey Jowell (Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law), Professor Colleen Graffy (Pepperdine University, former Deputy Assistant US Secretary of State) and Professor Cindy Skach (King’s College London) will be the panel members.

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