Policy Proposal 4: Engaging the Young


The most important audience to reach and engage on climate change other than our incumbent politicians is the young. If we can somehow have climate change incorporated into every school curriculum throughout the world, using books as a teaching aid, then a major milestone will have been reached in educating future generations on climate change.

  1. I am suggesting a series of books be produced based on a Black Scottie dog called Scotia.
  2. This series of books can be translated into multi languages and we should target to get them into every single school everywhere, whether distributed free or purchased by educational authorities in developed countries. The profits for the sale of the books in advanced countries could pay for the distribution and publishing to schoolchildren in under-developed parts of the globe in so much as every child in the world could have their own copy. A tall and perhaps naive ambition but if we do not dream then we will never achieve anything surely.
  3. Social media is also of ever more importance in todays connected world and therefore a series of short cartoon videos could be produced to get our message over to include measures where Scotia, the Scottie dog is teaching people what to do and what not to do with regards to climate change. The videos need not contain speech but similar to Mr Bean’s short videos, they could simply contain noises like barking when Scotia saw something that was wrong and vigorous wagging of his tail when something good had changed

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