In an unprecedented exchange, a Saudi delegation of Saudi judges visited the US in December 2011 and a US delegation visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2012. The Saudi Judicial Engagement Project was designed to unite judicial understanding between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the US.

From the Middle East Partnership Initiative, US State Department:
The Saudi Judicial Engagement Project aims to recognize the importance of a modernized judiciary in an increasingly global legal environment. King Abdullah has taken steps to modernize the Kingdom's justice and education systems, and as part of the King's judicial reforms, Saudi Arabia has established specialized commercial courts and granted more autonomy to administrative court officials in sentencing. Developing new courts, building new courts, and training judges will be a generational undertaking. The Middle East Partnership Initiative is accepting proposals to give Saudi judges an inside look at the US court system and federal government. Activities may include consultations with the US Supreme Court, Department of Justice, federal and district courts, bar associations, and congressional hearings on judicial issues, as part of this ongoing exchange.

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