Chris Campbell-Holt

Chris Campbell-Holt is an Associate Fellow of iQ (Legal consultant). He has worked in the UK, US and Middle East. He has contributed to the development of law and policy organisations in the UK and Middle East, and has specific interests in the rule of law, global corporate governance, anti-corruption law, ethical law and policy initiatives, and education and training programmes. He was Acting Registrar at the Qatar Financial Centre Civil and Commercial Court and Regulatory Tribunal under the Presidency of Lord Woolf, former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. Before that, he co-founded the Centre for Ethics and Law at University College London. He also co-founded a Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Law practice group at the international law firm Norton Rose LLP, and was one of three secretariat members for a distinguished Committee which reviewed the ethical business practices of BAE Systems Plc, which reported in May 2008. His experience also includes work at the New York State Attorney General Office, under Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (later Governor of New York State).

He has given lectures and seminars widely to law students, corporate counsel and business professionals. He has written articles and chapters for practitioner law publications (including two chapters for Gore Browne on Companies), and held various senior editorial posts (including as Editor of The Pursuit of Justice (OUP, 2008), and Assistant Editor of Current Legal Problems (OUP, 2006-2009)). He has also contributed to the development of education and training programmes for lawyers and business executives.