Dr. Arvid Bell

Dr. Arvid Bell is a Fellow of iQ (Negotiation). He is a scholar and entrepreneur specializing in complex conflict analysis, negotiation strategy, and international security. He is the Director of the Negotiation Task Force at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Lecturer at Harvard University’s Department of Government, and Partner at Negotiation Design & Strategy (NDS), a training, advisory, and research development group.

Bell founded the Negotiation Task Force at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard, which promotes innovative solutions to Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security challenges by creating spaces for cross-cultural negotiation research, training, and strategic analysis. He also serves as an International Negotiation Expert with the Conflict Analytics Lab at Queen’s University, a research-based consortium concerned with the application of data science and machine learning to dispute resolution. An expert in negotiation and crisis management simulation design, Bell has launched a new generation of immersive case exercises used internationally to train decision-makers in academia, government, and the private sector.

Bell’s research interests include U.S., EU, and German foreign policy; the history and politics of Afghanistan and Central Asia; complex conflict systems; negotiation analysis; system effects in multi-constituency networks; dynamic simulation design; and the role of strategy, emotions, and human motives in international conflict. He has published research in International Negotiation, Negotiation Journal, and the Peace Report and was a Co-Investigator of the Middle East and North Africa Negotiation Report, a collaborative effort of scholars and students from Harvard University, Tufts University, Brandeis University, and IDC Herzliya.

As an expert on security issues, he has testified on international conflict at the German and the European Parliaments and briefed NATO military personnel before their deployment to Afghanistan. As a teacher of negotiation, Bell has led workshops to a diverse array of audiences, including high school students, business leaders, and U.S. military officers, as well as students at Stanford University, Columbia University, and the University of Oxford.