A Thistle For A Final Majlis

A Thistle For A Final Majlis

Over the past summer we have seen how a 1°C rise in average global temperature affects the incidence rate of natural disasters. The images of wildfires burning through Amazonia, Siberia, California, Australia, Turkey and Greece are still vivid in the memory, as are the floods that swept down the lower Rhine and across Henan Province in China, and the heatwaves that broke temperature records from Russia to Spain and made some countries all but uninhabitable for those without air-conditioning.


Committed to the supporting a global energy transition

The Scotia Group was founded in 2021, in the run up to COP26, by Professor Malik Dahlan, an international lawyer and professor. By gathering former heads of state, political and business leaders, renowned academics and internationally recognised climate and governance experts, the Group was formed with the ambition to bring together ideas that can inform and enhance the inter-government COP process.


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The Innovation Platform for Global Change (or ‘iPlatform’) is iQ’s virtual platform which aims to provide a forum for transnational and collaborative research and raise awareness. We want to engage specifically with students and young thinkers, and leading academics, lawyers, policy thinkers, governments and industry, from universities, think-tanks, government bodies, and international institutions.