Institution Quraysh

Institution Quraysh ("iQ"), sits as the overreaching canopy establishing the common elements within a holding company structure that allows for efficient multi-lateral connectivity between different highly specialised legal, research and policy businesses. It is the central hub to which everything connects.

iQ oversees all aspects of the business, ensuring full connectivity between distinct professional services and a wide spectrum of separate geographical locations.

The legal entities of falling under the ambit of iQ are Institution Quraysh WLL, Quraysh Ltd and Ilaf Quraysh with Quraysh WLL being the central structural point between the three separate businesses.

iQ also works with MBR Legal a separately established and managed law firm. Click here to find out more about MBR Legal.


The nexus of dynamics around the Rule of Law, economics and open, accountable politics needs particular study and concretization by the younger generations hoping to understand, and contribute to, policy change.  Unprecedented legal, political and economic changes (and failures) around the world have had an impact on many aspects of global life.  In Arab countries, the 2011 youth-led popular uprisings, removal of leaders, new constitutional arrangements and ambitious development initiatives have become global focal points of contestation and pivotal roles for law and policy.  It is now our conviction that there is much at stake for global societies and future generations.






"Innovation Platform for Global Change ("iPlatform") is an independent initiative set up by iQ in the aftermath of the generational revolutions of the so called "Arab Spring" with a surgical aim of innovating generational dialogue, fostering sound laws and incubating policy-for-impact. Philosophically, iPlatform seeks to establish the epistemological foundation for a new emerging social contract, The Generational Social Contract. iPlatform's overarching mission is to engage young leadership capacity in both understanding and harnessing generational transitions by finding practical solutions and political economic openings to pressing Rule of Law and governance challenges through transnational and collaborative policy impact.

The initiative seeks to engage specifically with students, mainly graduate, and young thinkers, by utilizing technology and building on an existing network of top international reformers and leading scholars including lawyers, policy thinkers, governments and industry, from universities, think-tanks, government bodies, and international institutions who can empower and inspire thought leadership in students to address access to justice issues in the Middle East and other developing countries.

The iPlatform embraces the following key objectives:

  1. to promote and strengthen the rule of law's potential to foster justice and peace among people;
  2. to enhance legal and economic development through support of sound laws and policies;
  3. to address other pressing global policy issues, such as Middle East peace and openness; and
  4. to foster new leadership capacity by supporting innovation and skill-building for young people.

To find out more on how to participate or support iPlatform please contact us on"